Giving thanks first and foremost to God...I am living proof that God is real and he has played the starring role in my life. As the owner of Runbabyrun, I am blessed to say that the idea for the running group and apparel line was born out of my personal story. I came to know and ultimately fell in love with running because it helped to save my brother’s life.Back in 2008 I was faced with a great challenge to lose weight so I could be eligible to donate a kidney to my big brother. His kidneys were failing because of Diabetes and God put it on my heart and in my head to do something about it. At the time, I was at the heaviest point in my life and the quickest and safest way I knew how to lose weight was to run.

Running became my best friend and my refuge from my day-to-day ills. Day in and day out I would pick a route, get lost in my music (everything from Coldplay to Kanye, from Billie Holiday to U2 and from Jay Z to Nirvana) and run until my body told me to stop. The peace I found while running was life changing. I was losing weight and everyday I ran I knew it was one day closer to my target weight for donation. Today, my brother is healthy, I am still running and pushing myself to my limits and God is still good!

Runbabyrun was created to represent not only my personal story but also to represent runners who also have personal goals and value our core beliefs….family, love for others, giving back, perseverance, exceeding your highest expectations. Having a product in the market place that lives out and demonstrates these values is important to us and we hope its important to you as well.

Thank you for your support. God Bless. 

 2014 Old Louisville Springfest, Our 1st event as a brand, big brother (left), me (right)

2014 Old Louisville Springfest, Our 1st event as a brand, big brother (left), me (right)